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Part-Time Group Coach

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We are about changing the way people think about body transformations through our Process of Fat Loss.


To transform people to be confident in who they are! To live our core values of C.H.A.N.G.E. (Change, Honesty, Accountability, Never Satisfied, Give 1st, Experience). GCP is a community focused, body transformation facility that prides itself on being judgement free and results oriented.


  • PART TIME: Hours available
  • Tues 445p, 530p, 615p
  • Wed 4p, 445p, 530p, 615p
  • Thurs 4p, 445p, 530p, 615p
  • One 30 min coaching meeting required each week. This is where our managers coach up staff on weaknesses.
  • Coach does not have to take all the hours available, we are willing to work with coach to fit in the hours above that fit their schedule.
  • Starts @ $18 / hour
  • On-boarding can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 weeks depending on skill and learning curve of the coach.

Bonus opportunities are available but not required

  • For more hours you can learn our sales system and take on some sales hours. We will train you up on how to sell.
  • If you'd like to do nutrition coaching, we have opportunities and we will train you in our nutrition coaching system.


  • For a coach who truly wants to dive in, work hard, go above and beyond there is a full time position available. First proof of these qualities is needed via a part-time position.
  • There are programming positions open as well for someone who demonstrates the ability to design and understand our philosophies.
  • For the right person, there is a future general manager position (available within 2 years). This would be a higher maximum pay, less coaching, but the person would be required to lead a team and do sales.
  • For a person who truly believes in our mission, wants to stay in Mundelein long term, and has shown to be an engaging, loyal and honest leader, there will be opportunities down the road to not only be a GM but also to earn ownership shares.


The position is a group training coach (20 members max per session) & semi-private coach (5 members max per session). A GCP coach creates an experience for our members that helps them feel supported, encouraged, and safe. The coach is responsible for making sure the members are using proper technique, know what modifications of the exercise is needed, and to manage the session. We have a system to help you coach members easily but you are responsible to learn the technique of all movements we use. We do all the programming so you just need to be the best coach possible.


Reports to: Owner Supervises: None


1. Manage a training session

2. Making sure members are taught proper technique

3. Setting up for a session

4. Learning the proper training for Head Coach


  • Motivate and educate fitness members in leading healthy lifestyles
  • Greet and acknowledge all members
  • Get to know members
  • Establish a healthy emotional environment to impact adherence
  • Maintains cleanliness of fitness facility
  • Attend weekly huddle meeting


  • Attends coaching related meetings, as required.
  • Establishes individual goals which are aligned with GCP’s business strategies and objectives.
  • Functions as a contributing member of the department's team and other teams, as assigned.
  • Models GCP’s Core Values
  • Performs other duties as assigned by management.


  • Experience in coaching some sort of fitness OR be in process of getting a degree/certification to learn to coach
  • Must be able to communicate effectively verbally members and coworkers
  • Minimum 18 years of age


  • Our coaches do not start coaching alone right away. They have to go thru a focused on-boarding process where we help teach them all the components of our program, managing a class, and getting to know members. The process is broken down into: how to manage session, how to engage members, how to teach movement patterns, how to modify movements, and how to educate members on topics such as nutrition, injuries, etc.
  • The process can take 4 weeks up to 12 weeks. It depends on the competency of a coach. Our goal is to get you up and going as fast as possible, but with us still having the confidence you can do the job.
  • We work through the process of shadowing, to demonstrating, to coaching a station, and eventually being the head coach of the whole session.
  • Besides the training sessions, you'll also have 1, 30 minute huddle each week to dive deep into your current coaching weakness.


  • Working out in GCP sessions: We have found it is important for our coaches to not only know exercise but also to understand our training. We ask that our coaches workout in at least 2 sessions at GCP a week. Your membership is free, so their is no added cost to that. This is not required, just encouraged. It will speed up your process 10 fold to taking over a class yourself.
  • Working Conditions: This position involves working in the warehouse gym setting. The temperatures can get relatively hot and cool depending on times of the year. Setting up equipment is required each day. The hours are non-traditional which depending on what hired for could include early mornings, late evenings, and / or weekends.
  • Physical Requirements: The employee is occasionally required to stand; walk; sit; reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; and stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl. The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 45 pounds.

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