Full-Time Coach

Job description

*This position is for a Full-Time Coach (30+ hours) of the facility.*

Full-Time Coach Job Characteristics:

  • Sense of urgency for goal achievement with varied activities,  and multiple, simultaneous projects (multi-tasking)

  • Enjoys/prefers fast-paced environment

  • Results focused, Idea generation, innovative and creative problem solving, rapport and relationship building

  • Focused on achieving results, engaged to commitment of others

  • Problem solving orientation

  • Risk taking

  • Action-oriented and somewhat collaborative decision-making

  • Quick decision making in response to changing conditions

  • Extroverted, confident, enthusiastic, persuasive influences, stimulates others to action

  • Collaboration focused on results

  • Authoritative leadership based on generalist expertise, and knowledge of systems

  • Directive leadership to assure business results are achieved

  • Delegation of details as necessary, with follow up on timeliness and quality

  • Accountability for results


Job Responsibilities + Roles:


  • Adhere to Core Values inside and outside of the gym (including Social Media)

  • Coach all scheduled Arsenal coaching sessions (class, 1-on-1’s, Sport Performance, etc)

  • Attend and actively participate in coaching development sessions and any meeting scheduled with the staff.

  • Available to take on Personal Training (P.T.) clients and Introductory Assessments/Sessions 15+ hours/week

  • Eventually absorb role(s) outside of the gym (Social Media, programming, front desk, sales, marketing, nutrition, etc)

  • Never-ending coach and personal development and excellence through ongoing education, coaches’ development sessions, and 1-on-1 Coach Evaluations

  • Challenge the team, members, and athletes towards excellence on a daily basis

  • Be an open source of communication (no gossiping)

  • Post and Respond regularly to gym and member updates through Slack and appropriately assigned channels

  • Fully prepared with Lesson Plan BEFORE the last 10 minutes prior to class

  • Engaging and relationship building with members and athletes during the 10 minutes before and after sessions

  • Help stage, organize, and clean the facility before and after class/sessions.

  • Fulfill all opening and/or closing duties as necessary

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